The final stretch: Arts Precinct update

The final stretch: Arts Precinct update

Progress is visibly accelerating on the Arts Precinct and with less than 5 months until our move-in date, here we share some updated shots of the courtyard, atrium and museum.

Early next year we will be sharing further updates about the Faculty's relocation to the Precinct. The move is just the beginning: The Precinct has been purpose-built to elevate the Faculty’s diverse strengths and enrich its collaborative, creative and impactful work into the future. Don't forget to visit the Arts Connect page for more details on the purpose-built spaces as well as floorplans and office allocations.

Timelapse: the scaffolding comes away to reveal the new building facade.

As the roof ‘pillows’ are installed one by one, the roof structure is taking shape. The process of carefully placing the pillow material means each section is done individually and then inflated.

The roof structure coming together over the rooftop garden.

Office fit outs are coming along and staff can see the café and outdoor courtyard space resembling the artist impression pictures.

Progress on the courtyard.

The new world-class museum will be first to the finish line, with its professionally-appointed storage facility and display cases almost ready for artefacts to move in. The museum is also capable of hosting international exhibits alongside the Macquarie University collection.

The new storage facility for the Faculty of Arts museum is almost complete.

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