Macquarie’s radio station is waiting for your stories!

Macquarie’s radio station is waiting for your stories!

Macquarie’s radio station is waiting for your stories!

Here is an easy way to boost your work's media profile. The 2SER radio studio is located on campus, broadcasts all over Sydney - and they want to hear your stories.

2SER is a community radio station in Sydney, broadcasting on the frequency 107.3 FM and is a member of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia. Executive Dean Prof Martina Möllering is the current Chair of the 2SER board.

As an educational broadcaster, 2SER-FM, is committed to providing a stimulating forum for learning and the expression of alternative ideas. In pursuit of its mission the company anticipates, reflects and responds to the social, cultural and educational needs of the diverse Sydney community. The station covers a wide range of programming, from science and music, to politics and art.

2SER is jointly administered by Macquarie University and the University of Technology, Sydney. Both institutions contribute an annual grant to 2SER, however the station is largely self-supporting, relying upon revenue raised through programming, sponsorship, fund-raising events and listener subscriptions.

So how can MQ and 2SER work more closely together?

2SER Journalists and producers are continually searching for experts to interview on general news items, as well as any new developments in research for upcoming stories. Macquarie academics and researchers can therefore have the opportunity to share their work and knowledge with over 420,000 monthly listeners across Greater Sydney. 2SER is asking Macquarie staff to reach out to them, so that they can be considered for future stories.

The station has a recording studio on campus at 10 Hadenfield Ave, so it is easy to drop in and record an interview. If you would like to introduce yourself and your work, please contact Sean Britten; Journalist and Broadcaster for 2SER at Macquarie

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