Five minutes with Debra Ronan

Five minutes with Debra Ronan

Five minutes with Debra Ronan

Debra Ronan, Director of PACE in the Macquarie Law School, was recently recognised for her 25 years of service at the University.

Debra Ronan receiving her award for 25 years of service from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Kevin Jameson.

Debra, what do you do at Macquarie, and what roles have you held over your 25 years here?

I’m Director of PACE and Director of the Conveyancing Law and Practice Program. I also convene three PACE units. I began in 1994 as a tutor in the newly introduced Conveyancing Law and Practice Program. Whilst still teaching in that program I also began teaching in the LLB in Property and Contract Law. By chance I was asked to convene the unit Access to Justice and two years later when PACE was introduced across the university, that unit became our first designated PACE unit. I was appointed Director of PACE shortly thereafter and whilst I no longer teach in the Conveyancing Program I remain the Director.

What would people be surprised to know about you or your work?

People know just about everything about me, except perhaps that I have a fear of heights!

What’s your proudest achievement at Macquarie?

The growth of the Law School PACE local and international program.

What was a ‘failure’ which set you up for later success?

Well, I’m embarrassed to say that there have been quite a few, but I can honestly say that all have contributed to my success – I treat my stumbling blocks as stepping stones.

What are the most noticeable changes when you think back to when you started at Macquarie?

Certainly the University landscape has changed significantly in 25 years, but the introduction and development of on-line learning is the most significant change. When I first started, courses were entirely paper based and face to face. Teaching and Learning flexibility and the variety of teaching tools that iLearn offers is probably the single most noticeable change in the L&T environment.

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