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  • 10 questions with… Louise Koelmeyer

    Louise Koelmeyer was instrumental in establishing Macquarie’s ALERT (Australian Lymphoedema Education, Research and Treatment) Program at Macquarie, and has been the Director of the program since January 2020.

  • Inspiring, passionate, innovative: National teaching awards for three Macquarie staff

    Best of the best (L-R):Associate Professor Tiffany Jones,Associate Professor Matt Bower and Alexandra Bhatti. A passion for teaching and the ability to motivate students to succeed are two elements that are integral to the University's Students First vision. Macquarie's commitment to teaching innovation has just been recognised at a national level, with threeof our teachers […]

  • 10 questions with… Rachael Gunn

    While many of our staff have passions outside academia, there are very few that can say that passion might take them all the way to the Olympic Games.

  • March staff wellbeing highlights

    Prioritise your health and wellbeing by taking some time for staff wellbeing events in March, and encouraging your colleagues to do the same.

  • Meet your makers

    You know who to call when the office photocopier breaks down. But what if the office equipment that needs fixing is a Remote Plasma Enhanced Laser Induced Chemical Vapour Deposition Unit?