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  • VC's Learning and Teaching Awards deadline
  • Census date - session 2
  • Session 2 recess
  • Return to classes after recess. Session 2 2017. Applies to most students.
  • Research Centre progress reports
  • Session 2 ends
  • Academic Senate
  • Long-term Planning - Rebuild Long-term Planning Excel Model
  • Tuition Revenue Setting - Launch of Fee Setting Model
  • Tuition Revenue Setting - Draft Fees and Commencing Load by Faculty - '17 & '18
  • Tuition Revenue Setting - Draft Fees and Commencing Load by Faculty - '19 & '20
  • Long-term Planning - Preparation of various iterations
  • ARC end of year report
  • Tuition Revenue Setting - RSNPG Check-In
  • Q2 High-Level Forecast - Gather Key Inputs
  • Tuition Revenue Setting - Post Census Load Update -'17 to '20 (Finance & Analytics)
  • Q2 High-Level Forecast - Complete High-level forecast (FP&A team)
  • Long-term Planning - Review with EG
  • Tuition Revenue Setting - Fee distribution, Updating Internal and External Publications
  • Tuition Revenue Setting - Finalisation of Load and Revenue by Faculty ('17 to '20)
  • Tuition Revenue Setting - Fee completion / sign off by VC
  • Long-term Planning - Capture and Dissemination of 3 Year Budget
  • Long-term Planning - Finalise Medium and Long-term Projections
  • Q3 Forecast - System Training Completed
  • Q3 Forecast - System Opened
  • Q3 Forecast - Submission (Faculties, Offices and Subsidiaries)
  • Budget Target Setting - Overlap information provided to FP&A from Faculties & Offices
  • Q3 Forecast - Report and Review (central)
  • Q3 Forecast - Finalise and publish
  • Q4 High-Level Forecast - Complete High-level forecast (FP&A team)
  • Budget Target Setting - Budget Targets Sent out Faculties / Offices / Subsidiaries
  • Budget Target Setting - Review of Budget Targets with Finance, COO and VC
  • Q4 High-Level Forecast - Gather Key Inputs
  • Budget Target Setting - Final Targets Sent out to Faculties / Offices / Subsidiaries
  • Budget Builds - IT, Property and Library Capex Submission
  • Budget Builds - Subsidiary & Intercompany Submissions
  • Budget Builds - Faculty and Office Calumo Submissions
  • Budget Builds - EG Review of Submissions
  • Budget Builds - EG Review of Out of Budget Funding Requests
  • Budget Finalisation - Review of Budget with Finance and Facilities Committee
  • Budget Finalisation - Review of Budget with University Council

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  • Finding Time for Feedback Workshop

    Date: 19 September 2017 Time: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Location Building X5B, Room 012, Macquarie University Presenter: Dr Agnes Bosanquet, Senior Teaching Fellow Who spends more time on working …

  • Faculty of Arts Community of Practice

    Date: 4 September 2017 Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Location Australian Hearing Hub, TheCommunity of Practice is a paid event that is designed as a forum for our new …

  • Voice Thread Basics Training Webinar

    Date: 31 August 2017 Time: 9:00 am – 10:00 am Location Building W6A, Room 107, 12 First Walk VoiceThreadis an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to add …

  • Lighthouse Lecture Series: The Time of Money

    Debts we can't repay, wages that don't cover our cost of living and struggling degree-educated millennials working unpaid internships. These are just some of the financial issues facing our society today that pose the question: Why do we now not earn enough to live? On Monday 21 August in the fourth instalment of Macquarie University's Lighthouse Lecture Series, Professor Lisa Adkins from the University of Newcastle will join us to discuss The Time of Money. Adkins will cover a range of issues on how the logic of speculation is transforming our everyday lives and will consider how this impacts our society. Register your attendance and join us in welcoming Professor Adkins to Macquarie University's Lighthouse Lecture Series. Arrive at 4pm and take the opportunity to network with your peers before Lisa takes the stage at 4.30pm.

  • The Nature of Chemistry – Saving Lives and Creating Jobs (Public Lecture)

    Meet one of the Asia-Pacific's most successful chemists at a free public lecture. Join the Faculty of Science and Engineering in welcoming Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble from the University of Auckland. At the lecture Margaret will reveal how to build bridges from the chemistry lab to the clinic and to industry.