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  • Reconnect with nature with new campus walks program

    Arboretum Coordinator Samantha Newton will be hosting a series of walks to help Macquarie staff connect toour natural environment. There's an expression in Japanese language, shinrin-yoku, that translates as 'forest bathing'. It's used to describe the practice of spending mindful time surrounded by nature, taking in the sights, sounds and smells to find calm and […]

  • 10 questions with… Rozanna Lilley

    Later today, 18 February, The Hon Linda Burney MP will launch the world's first report into autism in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The report reveals a lack of support and services, with many families feeling isolated and uncertain about their children's futures. While autism is likely to be as common in Aboriginal and […]

  • Celebrate the change-makers: Gender Equity Week is coming

    It's a week that many Macquarie staff have come to look forward to each year -where we can draw inspiration from amazing thinkers, recognise the efforts of Macquarie's change-makers and start conversations that ultimately make our University a better place to work. Now in its third year, Macquarie's annual Gender Equity Week (7-12 March) coincides […]