Planning is one of the four key elements in Macquarie's Quality Enhancement Framework. Within this framework Planning focuses effort and resources towards achieving strategic aims across a devolved organisation.

In response to the University's 2009 AUQA Review, the University abandoned its practice of developing separate and independent strategic plans for academic activities such as Learning and Teaching and Research and Research Training, etc. In 2009 work began on developing the University's first Academic Plan, which following significant consultation was adopted in June 2010.

The following Strategic Aims within the Academic Plan relate to Learning and Teaching:

  • Provide an inspiring educational experience
  • Build a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Build and maintain a high quality, safe and sustainable physical and social environment

In line with the University's Quality Enhancement Framework, reports on progress against the above Strategic Aims will be undertaken annually. Reports against the Academic Plan and the previous previous Learning and Teaching Plan may be found here: