Curriculum and assessment

Macquarie University's undergraduate curriculum is represented by the  Graduate Capabilities framework with the specific foci of People, Planet and Participation. The core values of Scholarship, Ethical Practice, Sustainability and Engagement are the guiding principles within which the curriculum is developed.

Graduate capabilities diagram

People and Planet units are a unique feature of Macquarie's undergraduate curriculum requiring students to study outside their primary discipline. In essence, People units are designed to give students an understanding of what it means to live in the social world, and to develop cultural or social literacy. Planet units enable students to develop scientific literacy and to understand what it means to live in the physical world.

Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) is a key component of the University's curriculum. Participation units focus on the development of interpersonal and social capabilities. Specifically, participation units are being offered to:

  • develop the capabilities of Macquarie students to actively contribute to the well-being of people and the planet;
  • enhance students' educational experience and work-readiness by offering them opportunities to apply their academic learning to real world situations;
  • assist our local, regional and international partners build their capacity;
  • transform the learning, teaching and research experience at Macquarie to enable us to better contribute to a socially inclusive and sustainable society.

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