Current Projects

E7A Renewal 

Australian Hearing Hub Level 2 Decant Space 

Science Precinct Chamber Substation 

ASAM Expansion

C7A Redevelopment

E8C Level 2 Chemistry Lab Refurbishment

  • Anticipated Completion Date: July 2015

Project Details:

The refurbishment of existing space in E8C Level 2 to develop new chemistry labs commenced in October 2014.  Project is now complete with minor defect modifications being undertaken.

Contact: Peter Squibb

E8C Level 1 Science Teaching Lab Refurbishment 

  • Anticipated Completion Date: Stage 1 - Mid March 2015; Stage 2 - July 2015

Project Details:

Property are undertaking a complete refurbishment of half of Level 1 of E8C for the Faculty of Science. The project will involve the refurbishment of 3 teaching labs, plus prep room, microscope room, cool room, store room, fume cupboards and amenities.

Stage 1 involved 1 teaching lab, prep rooms, amenities and cool room, and was completed Mid March 2015. Stage 2 involved the remaining 2 teaching labs. Currently finalising outstanding work.  Will be ready for Semester 2 teaching.

Contact: Peter Squibb

F5A Glasshouses Lighting

  • Anticipated Completion Date:End of August 2015

Project Details:

Following the successful completion of the cladding of the glasshouses, new supplementary lighting will be installed by end of August 2015.

Contact: Peter Squibb

E8A Lab Refurbishment

  • Anticipated Completion Date: September 2015

Project Details:

Property will be refurbishing labs 308 and 309 in E8A for CBMS and Biology, commencing late January. Combining two older labs into one big new one, works will include upgrades to the cool room, new benches and corridor, and the separation of offices from the lab. Construction is to commence shortly and is anticipated to be complete mid to late September 2015.

Contact: Peter Squibb

Campus CCTV Upgrade

  • Anticipated Completion Date: December 2015

Project Details:

Security and Property's Project Team are working together with Informatics to upgrade the University's CCTV software across Campus. The upgrade will see all cameras with digital 1080p specifications and a centralisation of the storage of data.

Contact: John Durbridge

CNBP Office Accommodation

  • Anticipated Completion Date: July 2015

Project Details:

In early December 2014, Property purchased a demountable from Hornsby Hospital so that it can be refurbished to provide temporary office accommodation for CNBP whilst Building E7A is going through it's renewal.

Contact: Peter Ibrahim

C5A Level 5 - Linguistics Consolidation Project

  • Anticipated Completion Date: November 2015

Project Details:

Consolidation of the Department of Linguistics onto C5A Level 5 into contemporary workplace accommodation. This Project consists of a full refurbishment including; new paint, carpet, office partitions, furniture and services upgrade.

The amenities will be refurbished and new boardroom and breakout area will be provided.

Contact: Munir Alam

C5C - Various Projects

  • Anticipated Completion Date: Level 4, October 2015

Project Details:

There are several sub-projects to this Project including; full refurbishment of ITHelp Desk office space on level 2, refurbishment of Research Office space on level 3 and relocation of several staff and their respective Directors to consolidate all HR into one area on level 4, North and all of Risk and Assurance staff also on Level 4, South.

Contact: Kaye Fletcher