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Staff - News & Events - News

Staff News

Staff news bulletin, classifieds and what's new for staff at Macquarie.

Staff - News & Events - Events


View Macquarie Marketing Unit's events calendar.

staff MQ announcements

MQ Announcements

Read MQ Announcements, daily bulletins relevant to all staff.

Staff - News & Events - Dealing with the Media

Media Training

Our experienced media liaison staff can familiarise you with the Macquarie University media policy.

Staff - News & Events - Internal Communications

Internal Communications

How to arrange university-wide or all-student broadcast emails and digital broadcasts.

Staff - News & Events - Media Mentions

Media Monitoring

Find staff, students and Macquarie University featured in Australian television, radio and newspapers.

Staff - News & Events - Organising Events

Organising Events

What you need to know when organising an event for your faculty or staff.

Enrolment information for staff

Enrolment information for staff

Find information and updates on student enrolment and the enrolment schedule.