Training and Research Visa - Subclass 402 (Occupational Trainee Stream)

The Training and Research Visa - subclass 402 (occupational trainee stream) is now closed to new applicants. Effective from 19 November 2016 this visa was replaced by the Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408)  This webpage will be updated shortly.  If you have any questions on the new visa, please contact Karen Geldard, Immigration and Relocation Consultant.

International Occupational Trainee and Visiting Scholar Title Holders

There are University sponsored and non-sponsored visa options available to the Occupational Trainee visiting from overseas (i.e. they are not Australian citizens or permanent residents and therefore require an Australian visa).

Who can be classified as Occupational Trainee/s?

  • Visiting Scholars who are currently undertaking Higher Degree Research (HDR) qualifications such as Master's or PhD programs.
  • International Visitors/Students who are currently studying (i.e. undergraduate or postgraduate courses) or are recent graduates and intend to take a workplace based training/research/internship to enhance and develop their skills.
  • Students from overseas institutions intending to undertake research or training that will contribute towards their qualification. The research or training must be for less than 6 months. 

Visa Requirements

University Sponsored Visa Option: Research and Training (Occupational Trainee Stream) Visa - Subclass 402

This visa is for a current student or recent graduate from overseas invited by the University to observe or participate in research or workplace-based training. The placement can be unpaid or paid in a form of salary or allowance. There is no cap or limit to the payments.

Subclass 402 (Occupational Trainee Stream) Visa Process:

The Subclass 402 visa process is a two stage process:

Stage 1: Sponsorship approval - Macquarie University has a valid current sponsorship approval.

Stage 2: Nomination approval and visa application - Macquarie University's Immigration Consultant will be required to submit the nomination and visa application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection ("DIBP").

Documents to be submitted to the Immigration Consultant by the University's sponsoring Department or Unit/Client HR team:

The following documents must be submitted to the Client HR team by the University's sponsoring Department or Organisational Unit:

  • Copy of the letter of invitation (and signed acceptance)
  • Completed Occupational Trainee - Request to Appoint Form (6.16a)
  • A copy of the CV which must include the current residential address (required field in Human Resources Information System)
  • Completed Occupational Trainee Program (402 Visa Only) Form (6.16b)
  • A copy of the Occupational Trainee and any accompanying family members' passport/s (identification page/s only)
  • Evidence of financial support such as:
    1. Bank statements
    2. A letter from their financial institution stating the financial position; or
    3. Evidence of financial assistance from the sponsor such as allowances, accommodation, and stipends.
  • Details of enrolment from home university to include:
    1. Confirmation of study status (e.g. current PhD student);
    2. Duration of the program (must be consistent with the University invitation letter or training program);
    3. And if the research is less than 6 months, the letter must also state, "the program will contribute towards the award of the qualification".

Additional documents to be submitted to the Immigration Consultant by the Occupational Trainee

The Immigration Consultant will request these documents directly from the Occupational Trainee:

  • Completed Form 1402 - Application for a temporary residence visa (non-business)
  • Completed Form 1283 - Acknowledgement of Unpaid Placement - Visa Applicant  
  • Evidence of health insurance

Visa processing time

Approximately 8-12 weeks from the date DIBP receives the application.

Please also be aware that the processing time is contingent on providing a "decision ready" application to the DIBP. A "decision ready" application means that all the minimum required documents requested are submitted.  The application will be submitted by the Immigration Consultant, with all the required documents, to the following visa processing centre:

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Specialist Temporary Entry Centre - Occupational Trainee Stream
GPO Box 794
Hobart TAS 7001

Note:  By lodging both the nomination and visa applications together as a "decision ready application", the visa processing time may be expedited.

Delays may result if checks such as health and security assessments are required by DIBP.

Visa application costs

  1. DIBP's Nomination cost is borne by the University's sponsoring Department or Organisational Unit.
  2. DIBP's Visa application cost is borne by the Occupational Trainee.

Visa pricing table for university sponsored visas - please click here

Subclass 402 (Occupational Trainee Stream) visa holder obligations

The sponsored Occupational Trainee on a Subclass 402 visa must not:

  • Cease the activity in relation to which the visa was granted;
  • Engage in an activity inconsistent with the nominated or sponsored activity or program;
  • Engage in work for another person or organisation.

The University's sponsoring department or organisational unit must monitor and ensure sponsored occupational trainees whilst in Australia comply with the obligations mentioned above.

Subclass 402 (Occupational Trainee Stream) University obligations

The University's sponsoring departmental or organisational unit must:

  • Inform Human Resources within 10 working days of any changes before they are implemented, or of an early cessation of the activity. (The Immigration Consultant will need to notify DIBP within 10 working days of the event occurring).
  • Ensure the Occupational Trainee participates only in the nominated program or activity.
  • Not recover, or seek to recover, from the Occupational Trainee any sponsorship cost.
  • If requested in writing by DIBP, pay costs incurred by the Commonwealth in locating and/or removing sponsored trainee/appointee (and any dependants) from Australia. This can occur if the sponsored Subclass 402 visa is cancelled or expires.
  • Ensure where the Occupational Trainee is not receiving any salary, that assistance is provided in securing or offering of a reasonable standard of accommodation.

Penalties and sanctions for failure to comply with the Subclass 402 (Occupational Trainee Stream) sponsorship obligations

  • For a body corporate (University) - Infringement notice of up to AU$6,600 or a civil penalty order of up to AU$33,000 per each breach or failure.
  • Suspension of the University from nominating sponsored Academics for a specified period.
  • Cancellation of the University's business sponsorship agreement; and/or sponsored visa.

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